About Us


Port Noarlunga Bowling Club was established in 1939 close to the Onkaparinga River, East of Saltfleet Street and South of the bridge.

Greens were regularly flooded in years of high rainfall. The Club was relocated in 1949 to Witton Bluff on the Esplanade close to the R.S.L. with magnificent views overlooking the sea and Port Noarlunga jetty.

By 1986 an increasing membership, limited parking and little space to expand The Club was relocated to its present site with new greens and Clubhouse. It was opened in 1987.

There were significant challenges with subsiding greens and in 1991 the site was excavated to 3 metres depth so the old rubbish tip material could be replaced with quality loam soil.

The Toucher

Our monthly magazine, contains a roundup of what’s happening within our Club with regular features such as Board Reports, Pennant Results, Sponsor recognition, live events and lighthearted articles.

Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden was created in 2016 following a kind donation by Deanna Amos, who was Head Coach at the time.

Families of deceased Members can purchase a plaque for addition to the rock wall.